Toshiba Estia POWERFUL HWS-P1405H8R-E / HWS-P1105XWHT9-E

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Toshiba Estia POWERFUL HWS-P1405H8R-E / HWS-P1105XWHT9-E

  • Клас на енергийна ефективност : А++
  • Отоплителна мощност : 14.8 kW
  • Охлаждаща мощност : 14kW
  • Помощен ел.нагревател 9kW
  • Ел.захранване : трифазно 380/400V-3N-50


Product Description


    Inverter technology and DC twin rotary compressor.


    The high efficient plate heat exchanger receives the optimum quantity of refrigerant to produce hot water at low or medium temperature (20οC – 60οC), or cold water (7οC – 25οC). A back up heater (3,6 or 9kW) further supports the operation for extreme conditions.


    The Domestic Hot Water Tank is a compact stainless steel insulated tank producing domestic hot water for sanitary use. The performance of the overall system is also maximized thanks to the integrated coaxial heat exchanger which uses hot water produced by the heat pump.

    Leaving water temperature up to 60οC.


    Operation range down to -25ºC.

    Maintains the rated capacity down to -15ºC.


    Two independent zones: Toshiba air to water heat pump systems can manage two independent zones. This solution enables the delivery of water to diverse emitters at different temperature levels up to 60°C.It can be used in combination with different types of emitters like: existing heat low temperature radiators, floor heating or fan coils.