Cleanroom Filtration

Klimaoprema d.d. is a leading Croatian manufacturer of cleanroom systems, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. For more than 40 years, Klimaoprema has been supplying its products to many countries in Europe and around the globe, which is borne out by a number of satisfied customers and successfully completed projects.

Product Description

Absolute filters ensure the supply of sterile air that is free of microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. If there is a need for even more sterile airbehind the absolute filter UV lamps that eliminate any remaining microorganisms are installed.

Absolute ceiling filter FAC

Absolute ceiling filter with diffuser plate FAC is intended for supply of absolutely clean, filtrated air into operating rooms, intensive care sections, laboratories and cleanrooms that are in class 7 and 8 according to ISO 14644.


  • Air-tight casing, with connections for air supply (circural, rectangular) and filter saturation control
  • HEPA filter
  • Diffuser plate, size is adapted to dimensions of the casing

Absolute ceiling filter FAK, FAR

Absolute duct filter FAK is intended for absolute filtration in spaces prior to cleanrooms where high class of air cleanliness is required. FAK is installed into ventilation duct.

Absolute duct filter with grille FAR is intended for absolute filtration in cleanrooms where high class of air cleanliness is required. FAR is installed at the end of ventilation duct.

Duct bag filter FKV, FKU

Duct bag filter FKV is intended for filtration in ventilation and air-conditioning systems where high class of air cleanliness is required. Installation of bag filter extends the life of HEPA filter, as larger particles are removed by bag filter which is installed before HEPA filter.

Duct filter with active coal FKU is intended for filtration and removal of unpleasant smells from kitchens, public buildings and industrial plants.

Air Shower

Specialized chambers are used for clearing personnel who are working in cleanrooms.

Most commonly are used and are very important equipment in areas where conditions are critical, in sterile areas and areas with no tolerance for dust particles.

Pass box

Pass box prevents disruption of the integrity of space, enabling the transfer of materials in controlled areas without the movement of personnel.




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