Klimaoprema d.d. is a leading Croatian manufacturer of cleanroom systems, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. For more than 40 years, Klimaoprema has been supplying its products to many countries in Europe and around the globe, which is borne out by a number of satisfied customers and successfully completed projects.

Product Description


Cleanroom is defined and controlled space that is constructed in a way that input, generation, collection and retention of particulates (contaminates) is minimized and controlled. It is the area in which filtreted air has a positive pressure relative to surrounding areas in all operating conditions and where air efficiently washes the space. Cleanroom is a space in which all relevant parameters are strictly controlled: temperature (19°C-25°C), humidity (45%-60%), noise, lighting and other parameters.

Standards and requirements for the production of medicaments and surgical activities represent the concept of Cleanrooms.

Klimaoprema Cleanroom Solutions is designing and manufacturing cleanroom spaces on a „turn-key“ basis, all according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards by which principles and guidelines should take place and to which production in the pharmaceutical industry should be documented. GMP provides instant and consistent quality control. Our employees continuously acquire new technologies to improve the quality of products and offer the highest level of engineering and services. Knowing the GMP standards we offer complete design of cleanroom area.

We are permanently oriented towards customers whose needs we monitor and analyze with particular care by designing and manufacturing cleanrooms for pharmacy, hospital, food, microelectronic and other industries.

Product range includes panel systems (walls and ceilings), antibacterial panels, windows, doors, interlock systems, floors, lamps, automation and BMS, HVAC systems and engineering, preparation of conceptual, main and detailed design.

Once cleanroom is finished equipment and facilities are being validated, confirming that the delivered equipment is safe to use and suitable for the intended actions.


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