Product Description

Air handling units are available in 11 sizes. Airflow capacity for this type of the units ranges from 1 000 m³/h to 40 000 m³/h, for special request can be produced up to 100 000 m³/h.

DSVIM air handling units equipped with twin-coil. Temperature efficiency and economy of energy up to 55%.

Internal surfaces of units are smooth, without protrusive elements and roughness to avoid and protect from accumulation of impurities and activators of illnesses. All connections are additionally sealed by dustproof sealant. The bottom of equipment (and in case of need – all internal walls) is produced from stainless steel that allows washing and cleaning of internal surfaces with disinfectants.

Clean premises units’ features and benefits:

  • Suitable for premises ventilation with high hygienic requirement;
  • Stable, reliable and tight casing;
  • Aluminium profile casing frameworks;
  • Highly protected internal surfaces guarantee conformance to hygienic standards;
  • Easy access to components, convenient cleaning possibilities;
  • All doors are hinged and equipped with inspection windows and lockable handles.