Sound- and heat-insulated ventilation units with air capacity up to 3500 m3/h. Provide premises with fresh filtered air. For operation of units at low temperatures electric heaters are applied. Compatible for connection with rectangular ducts of cross sections 400х200, 500х250, 500х300, 600х300, 600х350 mm.

Product Description


Air supply MPA unit is a complete ventilation unit for air filtration, air heating and supply to premises. Compatible with 400х200, 500х250, 500х300, 600х300, 600х350 mm rectangular air ducts.


Steel casing covered with aluzinc coating internally filled with 25 mm heat- and sound-insulating layer made of mineral wool.


Integrated panel G4 filter ensures sufficient supply air purification.


Both electric heater are used for heating of supply air in cold season. Tubular heating elements of the electric fan heater are ribbed to increase the heat exchange surface area and heat transfer to supply air.


Centrifugal double-inlet fan with forward curved blades and built-in overheating protection with automatic restart. The fan motor and impeller are dynamically balanced in two planes. The ball bearings in the electric motor are maintenance free and designed for at least 40000 hours operation.

Control and automation

Two options for supply unit modifications are possible:

  1. No control. Customer-defined and customer-selected automation system.
  2. Integrated control and automation system for three-speed (air capacity) control and setting supply air temperature. The unit may be controlled from the external control panel fixed on 10 m wire delivered as a standard.
MPA E control and protection functions
  • switching the unit on/off from the control panel;
  • setting the supply air temperature from the remote control panel and maintaining it by the triac heater control;
  • fan speed control from the control panel;
  • tracking the set operating control logic while turning the unit on and off;
  • unit operation according to daily and week schedule;
  • overheating protection of the electric heating elements;
  • disabling electric heater operation when the fans are not running;
  • electric heater overheating protection by two overheating thermostats, one thermostat activated at 60 °C with automatic reset and another thermostat activated at 90 °C with automatic reset;
  • actuating the air damper;
  • input for alarm fire fighting signal;
  • input from external humidity sensor, CO2 sensor, etc (normally opened dry contact). On sensor’s output signal the unit switches to the maximum speed.

The supply unit can be mounted on the floor, suspended to the ceiling by means of a seat angle with a flexible connector or fixed to the wall using brackets. The unit can be installed either in such service spaces as balcony, storeroom, basement, roof space or in main premises above the suspended ceiling, in the pocket or placed directly in the room. The unit can be mounted in any position but the vertical one with air downstream because the heating elements are not allowed under the fan. Access for the unit maintenance and filter cleaning shall be provided.


Брошура MPA-E-MPA-W