Compact suspended sound-insulated fan units with the air capacity up to 4450 m3/h are designed to provide exhaust air removal from premises. Compatible with 400х200, 500х300, 600х350, 600х350, 700х400 mm rectangular air ducts.

Product Description


The unit VA is a fan-filter block enclosed in a compact sound-insulated casing. The VA unit provides high pressure combined with low energy demand due to the impeller with backward curved blades. The unit is suitable for supply and exhaust ventilation applications.


Steel casing covered with aluzinc coating internally filled with 50 mm heat- and sound-insulating layer made of mineral wool.


The units are equipped with a high-pressure radial fan directly driven from the external rotor motor with backward curved blades. The fan motor has integrated thermal contacts for connection to an external protecting device.


The unit is suitable for use both with and without filter as a simple fan. The replaceable filter block is an optional item and is not included into the unit delivery set. All the units may be equipped with a replaceable G4 panel filter, refer Accessories.


The unit is mounted to the air duct in any position. The unit is suitable for installation in utility and main premises behind the false ceiling, in the recess or directly in the room.The fan electric contacts are leaded to the terminal block located in the terminal box.


Брошура VA