Termo Fan Kondens

Condensing Wall-Hung Gas furnaces: 35 – 52 – 70 kW versions

Product Description

In order to heat industrial plants, work shops or commercial premises, a sound proof and low gas consumption appliance is strongly needed which can be easily and quickly installed.

This is why Air Control has started to produce this new Condensing Wall-Hung furnace Generator.

TermoFan Kondens, a logical evolution of TermoFan Premix, has got the highest possible efficiency nowadays, since it is able to fully exploitthe available energy .

By this new series of condensing furnace, Air Control has been able to anticipate the market needs, through a complex research and development  work.

TermoFan Kondens, in the 35 – 52 – 70 kW versions, permits to heat industrial plants, work shops or commercial premises in a flexible and cheap way,  while keeping a high thermal and sound-proof comfort which is due partly to  the six fan speeds and partly to a new heat control technology.
The certainty of using all the available energy is proved by the exhaust flue temperature, which is a few degrees higher than the room temperature.
All these features allow the user to fulfill any need concerning control.

A modern and functional aesthetic line, combined with an elegant chromatic choice, allows to install TermoFan Kondens in any location, even of high architectural value.