Termo Split Power Kondens

Condensing Split Air Generator

for concealed installations with connection to duct systems

Product Description

Like all the split appliances manufactured by  Air Control, Termo Split  Power Kondens offers great benefits which can be listed as follows:

  • it hugely simplifies the installation;
  • it is totally safe since the heating generator is separated from the diffusion system of hot air and it is suitable for outdoor installation;
  • the system is made of little modules which allow an accurate control of the temperature in different areas.

In addition to the above mentioned  features, shared by every Air Control split appliances, Termo Split Power Kondens provides an additional feature: it has been developed for the concealed installation with connection to a duct system.

Two powerful centrifugal fans allow the Termo Split Power Kondens to be connected to the duct system of inlet and outlet air by a conceal installation.

Its power allows to draw air either in the upper or in the lower part of the room, to mix indoor air with outdoor air (where a partial exchange of air is necessary) and to direct the heating towards previously identified areas, in a comfortable and silent way.